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My fascination with firearms goes back as far as I can remember. Growing up in the midst of some of the finest and most dedicated gunsmiths, craftsmen and shooters has resulted in what you see on these pages. Years of experience working on a ranch and hunting western big game have reinforced my respect for the big bore revolver and the lever gun. I'm an avid handgun hunter and my motto is "Tactical, Packable, Powerful and Reliable". I strive to combine those four elements with precision fit and finish, resulting in the best custom big bore sixgun available today. My conversions are built on the foundation of quality and excellence handed down to me by my father John Linebaugh. It's my sincere goal to build on and improve upon that legacy, and to conduct business in an honest and forthcoming manner. Like the many fine gunsmiths and craftsmen before me, and present, I intend to compliment the trade. I believe you will see a reflection of this in my work as you browse this site.

Enjoy your visit,

Dustin Linebaugh

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