Recommended Guns for Conversion

Any large frame Ruger is a good candidate for a conversion project. The large frame Rugers, chambered in .357 through .45 are all the same, whether Vaqueros or the adjustable sight models. I highly recommend the Bisley Grip frame models, as heavy recoil is much more manageable with these. The new mid-size frame models are too small for a .475, .500 or oversize .454 and .45 Colt conversions.

Important Information Regarding Serial Numbers

Dustin Linebaugh Custom Conversions is NOT a firearms manufacturer, and as such, the client must supply the gun for conversion.

When selecting a candidate frame, there is one detail that is very important - the serial number must be a minimum of 1/32nd of an inch BELOW the bottom of the main frame window opening. In order to accomodate the new, larger cylinder, we must remove material at the top and bottom of the frame window. Some Rugers have serial numbers which are nearly on the edge of the frame opening.

Paying close attention to this detail will help to avoid costly time delays in the conversion of your gun.